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Welcome to Yarborough & Company where our goal is to provide our clients with professional services. “We are committed to knowing what the customer wants and delivering our services flawlessly with accuracy and agility as well as maintaining great working relationships with our clients.”… our Mission Statement.

The Yarborough & Company team has provided services to many of its clients since 1972 … at the same location! Through our flexible growth, we are able to continually accept new business.

Please contact us for a free review and consultation based upon your personal needs.

We proudly offer the following professional services at reasonable consideration:

Bookkeeping for businesses by Yarborough & Co.


A process of recording transactions and keeping accurate records. Our bookkeepers are methodical in posting transactions. Our bookkeeping rates are reasonable and offer exceptional value to our clients.”

Yarborough & Co. will pickup, process and deliver your books within ten business days. This time frame provides your business with the fresh information you need to make critical financial decisions.

Payroll Services for small and medium sized businesses

Payroll Services:

A business that specializes in every aspect of the payroll process. At Yarborough & Company, we maintain the latest state and federal payroll software. Thanks to our innovative approach, we are uniquely positioned to provide world-class services to our clients.

Payroll services are provided on a 24-hour turnaround with direct deposit and IRS electronic fund transfers available.

Business and Personal tax preparation in the Reno area

Income Tax Preparation:

Preparation in positioning a company’s success utilizing professional tax services. The bottom line is … why pay more in taxes when not required?

With Yarborough & Company, we will assist your business in taking full advantage of all legal deductions through our tax planning, compliance and preparation services. Our experienced Enrolled Agents, are held to a higher standard and represent our clients in every financial aspect with the IRS.

Whether you need corporate, partnership, LLC or personal income tax preparation. Yarborough & Co. is qualified and certified to file all federal and state tax returns required.

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