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Timesheets - payroll

Experienced business owners don’t waste time and energy doing payroll internally. To achieve peace of mind, they turn to Yarborough & Company who makes innovative payroll simple and easy.

We maintain the latest payroll software to meet the needs of your small or complex business. With new technology and services available, why not out-source your payroll requirements to a professional company that specializes in payroll processing services?

We strive to maintain a fiduciary relationship with our clients at all times. Our professionalism and strict attention to detail, assists businesses in successfully competing within their industry.

We can submit your state and federal tax deposits on time, prepare W-2’s and 1099s with accuracy and correctly calculate payroll tax filings.

Additionally, we offer:

While working with our company, you’ll receive personal attention and friendly service. We can assess your unique needs and formulate a plan of action.

Take advantage of our free initial consultation by calling us at (775) 786-1766 to schedule your appointment today!